Crowdsense is a professional financial-technology platform that utilizes NLP and ML to detect global market-moving events in real-time. [We are on the cutting edge of real-time detection of events...]...

We exist to help cryptocurrency retail and institutional investors in their strategies and decision-making process, providing relevant inputs for their trading analysis.

Crowdsense was founded with one main goal: to bring confidence in people's investment through trusted data.


We provide you with critical early-information ... Our technology filters, sorts, and analyzes billions of feeds from publicly available information into just a few breaking events per day, tailor-made to institutional clients. [We replace mainstream news/ focus on what matters ... ].. 

We track, analyze and the deliver all social indicators, early events that moves the market and financial data about the cryptocurrency market.

Our founders

Eliaz Tobias

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Co-founder & CEO

Eran Ruso

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Co-founder & CTO