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20 minutes early detection before $CITY fan token price jumps by 72.8%

On Nov 10th, 2021, Binance announced that it will list $CITY Fan Token on their exchange. The $CITY Fan Token is a fan token for Manchester City Football Club on the Chiliz Chain.

Crowdsense detected this event at 04:02 (GMT+3) that day. 7 minutes later, Crowdsense detected a second event inside our platform. It was a social media mentions spike in $CITY Coin of 3,335%.

Both events were delivered to our users around 20 minutes before the end of the price spike. After Crowdsense's first detection, $CITY price jumped by 72.8%.

What is Crowdsense Social Mentions Spike?

It is the increase between how many people mentioned the coin in social media in the past hour or day vs. the average of social mentions in the past 14 days. Social mentions spikes regarding a crypto coin provide signals that could lead to a change in its price. Combined with the early events and additional metrics such as sentiment spikes, users can get the entire picture to make a buy or sell decision for this coin.

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