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Crypto Market Weekly Summary: October 11 - October 15, 2021

Crypto Market Highlights

  • Fifth-largest Australian pension fund is exploring cryptocurrencies

  • Polkadot to debut parachain auctions after governance vote

  • Elon Musk Highlights Importance of Running Dogecoin Nodes

  • FTX US launches marketplace for trading Solana-based NFTs

  • Swiss think tank initiates vote to add Bitcoin in federal constitution

  • Active user addresses reach a new all time high on the XRP blockchain

  • North America’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Firms Reportedly HODLing Over 20,000 BTC

  • Polygon Transactions Drop by Half Following Gas Fee Hike

  • SHIB Gets More Mentions on Twitter Than Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE

  • Binance launches $1 billion growth fund for Binance Smart Chain