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Customer Testimonial: 7.3% Winning Sushi Swap Trade Using Crowdsense Spike Events

We've been sharing opportunities and events we detect and how they could lead to profits, but let's also examine how our customers are using our features.

One of our customers shared his trade with us based on Crowdsense Social Media events: He bought $SUSHI at $9.719 around 1 hour after the first event detection and sold the day after at $10.42. In this trade, his profit was 7.3% in only a few hours.

On 12/10/2021 at 02:45 PM (GMT+3) we detected a social media mention spike in $SUSHI of 1,226%.

What is Social Mentions Spike?

It is the increase between how many people mentioned $SUSHI coin on social media in the past hour vs. the average of social mentions in the past 14 days.

Ten minutes later Crowdsense detected a second event related to Sushi Swap Coin: a 3.2 point climb to 9.3/10 in hourly social sentiment for $SUSHI.

What is Social Sentiment Spike?

It is the hourly increase in how the market views the specific coin compared to the average market view of the past fourteen days.

Social sentiment and mention spikes regarding a cryptocurrency provide signals that could anticipate a change in its price. Combining these metrics, users can get the entire picture to make a buy or sell decision for the crypto in question.

Share your winning trade with us at info@crowdsense. We can't wait to see the Crowdsense community growing together.

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