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Gala Games ($GALA) Rallies 86.6% after Binance Listing Announcement

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Crowdsense detected and notified our users of the Binance announcement, social mentions & sentiment spike 5+hours before $GALA price rallied 86.6%.

On 13/09/2021, Binance announced that it will list $GALA Coin on their exchange.

Crowdsense detected this event on 13/09/2021 at 05:02 (GMT+3). Less than one hour later, we detected a second event inside our platform. It was a social media mention spike in $GALA Coin of 10,154%.

What is Social Mentions Spike?

It is the increase between how many people mentioned $GALA coin in social media in the past hour vs. the average of social mentions in the past 14 days.

Twenty minutes later, at 06:15 (GMT+3), Crowdsense detected the third event related to GALA Coin, a 4 point climb to 9.5/10 in hourly social sentiment in Gala Coin.

What is Social Sentiment Score?

The sentiment is a score based on how the market views the specific coin compared to the average of the past fourteen days.

All three events were delivered to our customers around 5 hours before the end of the price spike. After Crowdsense's first detection, $GALA price jumped 86.6%

Gala Games is a platform that builds a range of blockchain-powered games, each of which provides players with true ownership of their in-game items through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Social mention spikes regarding a crypto coin provide signals that could lead to a change in its price. Combined with the early events and additional metrics such as sentiment spikes, users can get the entire picture to make a buy or sell decision for this coin.

Social mentions spikes are one of the unique features in Crowdsense Premium. Crowdsense Premium is currently available now for free for a limited time and a limited amount of subscribers, so hurry up and Sign Up Today for Free.

Binance listing announcement



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