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Play-to-Earn Games announced the listing of DEAPcoin on BITPOINT and its price spiked by 91.7%

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Crowdsense detected and notified our users of a social media sentiment spike related to DEAPcoin 10+ hours before the beginning of $DEP's 91.7% price spike. Crowdsense also caught the release announcement from DEAPcoin 30+minutes before the price spike.

They consider themselves the next generation Entertainment Company that will create a new economy and culture with entertainment and assets in the digital age based on blockchain technology. A new culture and market created on the basis of “fun”. We will change/defy the conventional way of the era where we buy “fun” with the money we earn working.

In the past few days, we discovered a lot of excitement regarding $DEP. On 19/01/2022 we detected that $DEP daily social media sentiment spike climbed 2.9 points and is now positive with 7.6 out of 10.

On 20/01/2022 at 03:39 AM (GMT+2) we detected another event related to DEAPcoin. This time, Singaporean blockchain gaming and entertainment company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) announced the listing of its cryptocurrency token DEAPcoin (ticker code “DEP”) on BITPOINT, the popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

10+ hours after the sentiment spike and only 30+ minutes after the detection event, DEAPcoin's price started to react. In about 2 hours, the price was up by 91.7%.

Our customers that have included DEAPcoin in their watchlist received the notification with a great time margin, which put them in a good situation to seize the opportunity of potential gains.

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The information in this ad represents an event from the past. It is not financial or trading advice and you are responsible for making your detailed research before engaging in trading.



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