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Spaceswap SHAKE social mentions climbed 44,421% across social networks

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Crowdsense detected and notified customers, on 01/08/2021 at 16:27 (GMT+3), 4 hours before the end of the 74.5% price jump.

Crowdsense detected that the social mentions spiked in the last hour, growing by 44,421%.

What is Social Mentions Spike? It is the increase between how many people mentioned something about Spaceswap SHAKE in social media in the past hour vs. the average of social mentions in the past 14 days.

Social mentions spikes regarding a crypto coin, provide signals that could also lead to a change in its price. Together with the early events and additional metrics such as sentiment, users can get check the entire picture to make a buy or sell decision for this coin.

Social mentions spikes are one of the unique features in Crowdsense Premium. Crowdsense Premium is currently available now for free for a limited time and a limited amount of subscribers, so hurry up and Sign Up Today for Free on



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