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The Crypto Weekly Lookout: March 7, 2022 edition

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

What should investors be prepared for this week in the cryptocurrency market?

More volatility - similar to last week.

Crypto last week surprised many with Bitcoin rallying up to 20% at one point on Monday in the face of slumping equity markets. As Bitcoin has been trading as a risk-on asset, this de-coupling was unexpected to many, but the likely cause was Russian and Ukrainian money fleeing into the crypto space, especially since Russia has limited its citizens from acquiring foreign currency amid the Ruble's crash.

Going forward however, it's quite possible that the perceived safe haven status and associated decoupling won't continue as there's only so much money that can flee into crypto from these countries.

All financial markets are currently being whipped around by headlines, not fundamentals. And it's very difficult to predict these market-moving headlines. That being said, here is a detailed overview of risks and opportunities to watch out for in the week ahead.