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The Top 100 Crypto Influencers On Twitter By (End Of Q3 2021)

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Due to popular request! We are expanding our list to the top 100!

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After posting the Top 50 crypto influencers on Twitter we received countless requests for the top 100. As a result, we decided to extend the list and share the Top 100 Crypto

Influencers on Twitter (End of Q3 2021).

#Twitter is a great source of information for #crypto traders. Some of the most important stories on crypto break or become viral on Twitter. Any crypto trader should be following the people on the list we populated. Every quarter, we’ll update this list so you can make sure you are always in the know.

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How did we generate a score for each influencer? Each member of this list is ranked by 3 metrics and then combined to one final score. After combining Followers Score, Posts Score, and Engagement Score, we've created the #CrowdsenseScore, which ranks the most influential crypto accounts on Twitter.

Top 100 Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Measured for the week of Aug 30th - Sep 5th 2021

100. Alex Mashinsky @mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky is an entrepreneur who has founded several notable technology firms in the United States. Founder & CEO of Celsius Network Score: 51

Followers Score: 52

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 51

99. Ari Paul @aridavidpaul

CIO/Founder of BlockTower Capital Score: 52

Followers Score: 53

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 50

98. Crypto Eri @sentosumosaba

XRP enthusiast. if you want to make sure you don't miss the regular crypto updates with an emphasis on what impacts this space, you should follow this account. Score: 52

Followers Score: 52

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 51

97. Dan Morehead @dan_pantera

CEO of @PanteraCapital - the first investment firm in the US to launch digital currency, early-stage token, and blockchain-enabled venture funds Score: 52

Followers Score: 52

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 52

96. muneeb.btc @muneeb

Founder of @Stacks, smart contracts for Bitcoin Score: 52

Followers Score: 51

Posts Score: 52

Engagement Score: 52