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The Top 50 Crypto Influencers On Twitter By Crowdsense (End Of Q3 2021)

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

You better be following these people if you want to stay on top of #crypto

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#Twitter is a great source of information for #crypto traders. Some of the most important stories on crypto break or become viral on Twitter. Any crypto trader should be following the people on the list we populated. Every quarter, we’ll update this list so you can make sure you are always in the know.

Crowdsense looks at billions of data sources to bring the most relevant and fresh crypto insights for you. We are the fastest most comprehensive early news, hype, and sentiment detection for more than 3000 #cryptocurrencies.

How did we put a score for each influencer? Each member of this list is ranked by 3 metrics and then combined to one final score. After combining Followers Score, Posts Score, and Engagement Score, we've created the #CrowdsenseScore, which ranks the most influential crypto accounts on Twitter.

One Caveat: We've excluded Elon Musk and Marc Cuban in this list. They are just too big to include in the list and it’s hard to understand when their crypto influence starts and ends.

This list is really competitive, so some amazing influencers almost made it in. This includes people who sometimes missed the cut by a fraction of a percent. Did we miss anyone? Let us know?

So without further ado, here’s the list...

Top 50 Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Measured for the week of Aug 30th - Sep 5th 2021

50. Aleksandra Huk @hukaleksandra

Aleksandra Huk is a crypto enthusiast and a general advocate of passive income channels Score: 54

Followers Score: 52

Posts Score: 55

Engagement Score: 57

49. @itsallrisky

Itsallrisky is a former Bitcoin maximalist turned Dogecoin champion Score: 54

Followers Score: 53

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 56

48. Barby Crypto @barbycrypto

If you’re into meme coins, Barby Crypto should be the first place you start Score: 54

Followers Score: 58

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 51

47. Crypto Ape @themoneyape

TheMoneyApe operated the popular If you want to hear about fair launches early, he should be on your list. Score: 54

Followers Score: 58

Posts Score: 51

Engagement Score: 52

46. Pent◎shi Wont DM You @pentosh1

Pentosh1 is one of the most active technical analysts on Twitter and he’s right most of the time Score: 54

Followers Score: 53

Posts Score: 56

Engagement Score: 55

45. Girl Gone Crypto @girlgone_crypto

Leah Thompson does it all. Twitter posts, live streams, video updates. A great source for crypto and entertainment mixed together