Product Related Questions


What is Crowdsense?

Market sentiment is a crucial component in the crypto-trading decision making process. Crowdsense is the fastest, most comprehensive social media events detection solution for cryptocurrency investors and traders.
Our product utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect global market-moving events in real-time for more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies (and growing) from over one billion unique sources across the web and social media networks.
We exist to help cryptocurrency retail and institutional investors in their strategies and decision-making processes, providing relevant inputs for their trading analysis.
Crowdsense was founded with one main goal: to bring confidence to people's investment decisions through the most comprehensive real-time data.

What is an event on crowdsense?

An event on crowdsense, is a notification that may be related to specific cryptocurrencies or to the crypto market in general, that should carry meaningful weight in decisions regarding said currencies.
Some examples are: -Market data update -Social media metric spike (or decline) or top trending update -Influencer post -Early detection of an event consisting of a group of news feeds -Early detection of an event consisting of a group of posts from the crowd
Events include a few elements: -Generated headline text -Tags of related crypto coins -A signal bar that reflects the credibility of the event -A timeline of the major changes related to the event -An expanded list of the specific feeds and sources that comprise the events -The ability to copy event, share with others, like/dislike, and mute future similar events
Events can appear as black, gray, yellow, or orange based on the verification level and reach of the event. Orange is the highest level of credibility.

A few examples of events:
-Binance to bring Bitcoin payments to Shopify via new partnership
-Ethereum is becoming ultrasound money, ConsenSys founder says

What types of widgets are available on the Crowdsense dashboard?

On the crowdsense website you will find different types of widgets you can personalize to see the information you want:
1. Top Coins: List of coins sorted by one social media or market metric to show the top trending coins based on this metric. 2. Coin Details: Coin specific details including market data, social media metrics, and the most recent events related to the coin. 3. Crypto Events: Aggregated list of the latest events (news, social spikes, influencer posts, etc.) related to crypto in general or coins in the watchlist. 4. Search: List of events that are the results of a recently executed or saved search query. This widget can be in unpinned mode, when it brings search results for a specific time period. If the widget is pinned and it has a custom title, then it acts as a live tracker of the search query to make sure you see events for this query as they happen.

What can you see in the Top Coins Column?

The Top Coins widget allows choosing to see the top coins by social media metrics, such as mentions, reach, and sentiment. You can organize these different scores from highest to lowest, lowest to highest, and by ones with the most significant changes.
The top coins feed checks for you which coins are at the top on social media in every single minute. It allows you to see the coins with the most significant change or the most significant score across social media mentions, reach, and sentiment in the last hour, day, or week. If you sort by top mentions, you can see the coins with the top change or number of mentions in social media mentioning the coin. If you sort by top reach, you can see the coins with the top change or number of followers to posts on social media mentioning the coin. If you sort by positive sentiment, you can see the coins with the top positive change or top positive sentiment score on social media mentioning the coin. If you sort by negative sentiment, you can see the coins with the top negative change or lowest sentiment score on social media mentioning the coin. Also, you will be able to see the price and how it changed during the last day. If you want to see more details about the recent news and events for each coin, then simply click on it and a new tab will open with the coin specific details.

What can you see in the Coin Details Widget?

In the Coin Metrics 24 Hours tab, you will be able to see the relevant metrics (Mentions, Reach, and Sentiment) and events from the past 24 hours about the specific coin you clicked on so you can analyze the metrics all together. In the events side you can select if you want to see Black, Gray or only Yellow and Orange events.

How will you see news on Crowdsense?

On the Crowdsense platform, you will see news based on your watchlist, event filters, or preferences. They will appear as black, gray, yellow, or orange.

What do the colors of black gray, yellow, and orange mean for the headlines?

Black, Gray, Yellow, and Orange represent the importance of events. Crowdsense classifies events into importance categories to make evaluating urgent information easier for you:

  • Black events are all events detected by our algorithm that don’t meet requirements to have higher classification.
  • Gray events come from sources selected and verified by Crowdsense.
  • Yellow events contain articles and have at least 100,000 reach.
  • Orange events contain articles and have at least 1,000,000 reach.

What do the different scores on Crowdsense represent?

On Crowdsense we use three different scores to help you understand how to assess the information provided:

  • Mentions show the number of times the cryptocurrency has been mentioned across social media and other sites in the amount of time you select.
  • Reach is the amount of impressions an event or currency has based on views and shares from all of the different sources.
  • Sentiment is a score based on how the market is viewing the specific coin compared to the average of the past fourteen days.

What do the number and the signal strength bar near each event headline mean?

The number and signal strength bar that appears near the alert headlines indicate the credibility level of the event.

Sources and Credibility

How do I know where the information related to an event originated from? How do I view that information?

For more information on the sources, you can select the alert headline. All feeds related to that event will appear (excluding duplicates). The feeds are organized from first to last. Customers can click the icon on the right of any feed to view the original post in the source it came from.

How do I know if information in an alert headline is reliable?

Crowdsense’s algorithm verifies sources.
In the “Details” of an alert, a feed might have a blue icon. This means it comes from a Twitter verified account. Feeds might also have red, yellow, or green user icons. If a feed has a red or yellow user icon, this means the user is less credible than other sources. Green icons are for sources that Crowdsense has verified and deems reliable. If you click on the icon connected to a feed, you can view the account’s Twitter handle, posts to date, followers, and time it has been active.

How can you be sure about our credibility?

We are a Techstars and Barclays startup company with a real product. We have no coins of our own!


How can you search in Crowdsense?

Crowdsense allows you to search for events and insights related to specific coins, keywords, or event types. Once you press the search button, a new widget called “Search results” will show with the results of your search.

Can you search by coins, event types, or even free text?

To search, select the search bar, and start typing a few letters of either the coin name, coin ticker, event types, source names, or any free text that you wish to search information about. You can select multiple search items from the auto-complete list. As soon as you select one of them, you can start typing another one. You can also add free text and it will search by it as well.

Can you search within a specific past date or time range?

You can search historically by using the calendar icon to choose a date or time range.

Where do you see the search results?

The search results widget, column, or tab provides the result of the search query. The search results will show you results even if they are not in your filters or watchlist.

How can you see more results in the search?

You can personalize the level of search results to include gray events that have less reach but are coming from verified sources. You can also zoom in further, to see black colored events that have the least reach and least verification.

How can you create a live tracking of a specific search query?

You can pin the search results Widget, by pressing the pin icon. This turns the search results Widget into a live tracking Widget of the search query. So if a new event arrives that answers the search query, it will show up at the top of the Widget.