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Top Trending Assets

Sort the top trending assets by any social media metric and its change in the past hour, day or week


Social Media Sentiment

Which assets had the most positive or negative discussions across social media? Which assets had the largest climb in positive discussions or drop in negative discussions?


Social Media Mentions 

Which assets were mentioned the most across social media? Which assets had the biggest spikes in social media mentions?


Social Media Followers

Which assets had the most followers reach to social media posts? Which assets had the biggest spikes in reach to followers on social media?

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Smart Inbox

Stay updated on the latest events related to coins or stocks you add to your watchlist  coming from filtered social and web feeds

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Influencer Posts

Influencers affect the markets. Learn when influencers are talking about your favorite assets before the full market impact happens

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Influencer post.JPG

Social Media Spikes

Discover when assets you own experience a sudden spike or drop in social media chatter or when there is a change or shift in the sentiment on social media


Historical Charts

The graphs allow you to view the asset sentiment, mentions, or followers trend on social media combined with price movement. This is a powerful tool that will allow you to see social media changes before the price moves.

Smart Search

Search for any asset or event type or free text to track the latest events that summarize the latest relevant posts from social media

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