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API3's Price Soars 31% in 12 Hours

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Crowdsense detected and notified users of a social media sentiment spike related to API3 12 hours before the 31% price spike, allowing them to seize potential gains.

API3 is an effort to simplify and commoditize Web3 oracle infrastructure. Data feeds are served and governed in a decentralized manner.

In the standard internet web, APIs are hosted by centralized services leading to a single point of failure. In API3's case, data will be distributed across different providers and will also be accessible by smart contracts; the team behind this project says it has never been more important for these to provide “timely, reliable real-world data.”

Moreover, API3 token is the governance token for the DAO, and its Holders can participate in governing the direction of the protocol.

On 24/02/2022 we detected that $API3 daily social media sentiment climbed 2.1 points and became positive with 7.5 out of 10.

Not long after the sentiment spike, API3's price started to react, going from $5.71 at 12:25 PM to $7.41 in just 12 hours, reaching this peak at 00:17 AM on 25/2/2022 (GMT+2).

Our customers that had included API3 in their watchlist received the notification with a great time margin, giving them a time advantage to seize the opportunity of making 31% profit in less than a day.

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The information in this ad represents an event from the past. It is not financial or trading advice and you are responsible for making your detailed research before engaging in trading.



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