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Crypto Market Weekly Summary: November 15 - November 19, 2021

Crypto Market Highlights

  • Biden signs infrastructure bill, handing crypto broker definitions to the US Treasury

  • Senators Wyden & Lummis to introduce bill limiting crypto tax rules

  • Biggest-ever crypto VC Fund at $2.5B, Paradigm, launched by Coinbase co-founder

  • Polygon unveils ZK-Rollup solution Miden to scale Ethereum

  • KuCoin launches $100 Million Metaverse Fund

  • Sandbox Metaverse Alpha to launch Nov. 29 after four years in development

  • Tether launches Synonym to boost Bitcoin adoption through Lightning Network

  • Iota Foundation to launch staging network and reward token

  • Acala wins Polkadot’s first parachain auction with $1.3B secured

  • Elrond launches $1.29B Liquidity Incentive Program as Maiar DEX goes live